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Reliant Fusing Presses From J. Braithwaite & Co Ltd

 Reliant Collstream fusing press
These top of the range Reliant machines with their 2.7m long heat tunnels provide the ability to eliminate shrinkage, strike back and other fusing problems. Available in 1.4m and 1.8m widths, the COOLSTREAM is designed for high volume manufacturing of outerwear, tailored garmentsand other general fusing requirements and is well proven by large garment manufacturers to deliver dramatic quality improvements and maximise productivity.
 Reliant Excel fusing press
With its extended 1.7m long low temperature fusing heat tunnel, the EXCEL range has zoned PID controlled heating and uses the Reliant Synchro-Trak "state of the art" conveyor tracking system originally developed for the COOLSTREAM.A general purpose mid-range machine suitable for all types of medium to high volume production situations the EXCEL is available in 100cm, 120cm and 160cm widths, allowing multiple lanes to be fed when required.
 Reliant Elite M60 fusing press
The ELITE range brings many of the features of the larger Reliant machines to a compact well proven 60cm conveyor width fusing press suitable for smaller volume production requirements on all types of garments as well as the mass production of smaller components.The ELITE M15-SCF version with "Collar Secure Pressure System"

M60 model with 60cm wide fusing belts

M90 model available with larger 90cm wide fusing belts.

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