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Industrial Steam Pressing Equipment from Braithwaite


GL - Pro - Extra

Single Iron Steam Generator (Pump Fill)

The GL - Pro - Extra is a 5 Litre steam generator made for: Large Design Rooms, busy ironing services, alteration shops & clothing manufactures, etc.

This Extra version is fitted with an industrial water pump and an external cold water reservoir. At the push of a switch the pump takes water for the reservoir and fills the steam pressure chamber.

When you are using the GL-Pro-Extra you can fill and top up the chamber when necessary, with-out turning it off or letting it cool down.  This saves time and means you can continue to iron without delay. 

As with the other GL-Pro steam generators this Extra model requires no special installation, its very easy to operate, uses standard tap water & is powered by a standard 13 amp plug.


GL-Pro Extra

Full length industrial cabinet with castors.

Built-in electric water pump & external cold water reservoir, so you can top-up & fill the heating chamber with-out turning it off & letting it cool first.  Saving you time. 


Industrial steam iron generator


GL-Pro Extra Steam Generator features:

  • Fully enclosed metal construction.
  • Full length industrial cabinet mounted on castors
  • Large 5 litre stainless steel heating chamber, for improved durability.
  • Brass plated heating element mounted in the middle of the steam chamber.
  • Industrial water pump internally mounted with solenoid control
  • Large external cold water reservoir with filler cap
  • Built-in illuminated water level gauge, so you can see how much water is left.
  • Built-in steam pressure gauge.
  • Safety pressure regulator & thermostat fitted.
  • User adjustable solenoid valve, allowing you to control & set the flow of steam.
  • Built-in high temperature silicon iron rest.
  • Top mounted safety release valve.
  • Top mounted, pressure locking, filler cap: so you can also manually add water.
  • Blow down / service drain tap: Normally only found on much larger generators and fitted to improve the units serviceable life.
  • Element port, for servicing & inspection.
  • Supplied complete with a long base industrial steam iron with thermostat & thermal safety fuse.
  • More info on available industrial steam irons

Industrial water pump

Cold water tank

Blow Down tap

Industrial Water Pump

Large Water Reservoir

Blow Down Tap & Solenoid Control

steam presser gauge

Stainless steel pressure chamber

Water level gauge

Steam Pressure Gauge

Stainless steel chamber

Easy to use controls & built-in water level gauge

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