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Rimoldi 274 16 1MD 06 538

(F74-16-1MD-06 538)

Rimoldi Fenix 274 (F74) mock linking cylinder arm industrial sewing machine single needle.

To attach ring selvedge knitted straps on knitwear garments.

The head produces a stitch similar to linking.

Cylinder bed shape for easy operation and special adjustable guide for insertion of collarette band straps.

Used in Knitwear production.

Top of range Rimoldi Fenix sewing machine made in Europe.

Fitted with German made Efka electronic needle position motor and automatic devices.

3 phase 380-415 factory power for production use  (optional standard 13amp plug 240V conversion add 290)

Note an air supply is required for the auto devices.

Excellent condition see photos

2450 (New approx 6000+)

Rimoldi fenix mock linker 274 F74

Rimoldi F74 274 mock linker sewing

Rimoldi cylinder arm mock linking


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