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The Highlead GK0088 is an industrial sewing machine manufactured to reproduce the Pin-Point (Pin stitch) special decorative stitch formation.

The machine is used to add pin point topstitching onto the outside face of men's & woman's suits etc.

This GK0088 is a versatile model and can also be used to add pin point decorative stitching to shirt/blouse collars, sides of trousers, pocket fronts, coats collars and other garments etc.

To produce a Pin point stitch the machine uses a specially designed feeder mechanism combined with a top sewing needle and hook needle.  

The machine is fitted with a stitch adjusting dial which adjusts the stitch pitch; allowing for different stitch spacing on the front face of the garment (see photo).

The machine is operated like a standard flat sewing machine and comes complete on unit stand with clutch motor or optional electronic needle position motor.


Stitch sample, note the difference in the stitch spacing on each of the 3 sewn lines

Face = is presented to machine face down during sewing.

Back = is presented to machine upwards during sewing.



  • Special Pin Stitch (Pin-point)
  • Needle & Needle hook sewing
  • Dial regulator to adjust stitch pitch
  • Easy threading.
  • Balanced quiet sewing head
  • Max. sewing speed 1500
  • Stitch pitch up-to 7mm
  • Needle bar stroke 30.5mm
  • Presser foot lift (by hand) 4mm
  • Presser foot lift (by knee) 13mm

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