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Brother new & reconditioned Industrial Sewing Machines


Brother LT2 B872 403

Twin needle, needle feed, large bobbin lockstitch machine

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The Brother LT2-B872-403 is a large bobbin twin needle, needle feed lockstitch machine with thread trimmer, for use on medium weight materials. (Also available with-out thread trimmer LT2-B872-3/5).

The machine is equipped with a automatic thread trimmer: mounted under the needle plate for quick & accurate cutting of both threads at the end of a sewing cycle.

It features two large hook & bases for increased under thread capacity, reducing the amount of times you have to change the bobbin.

The Needle position is automatically controlled by the Brother electronic needle position motor & controller.

E40/F40 models come with an electronic stitch control panel, allowing users to set stitch count programs & auto reverse option. (E100/F100 models have more program options)

The -903 model is also fitted with an automatic electric solenoid foot lifting device.

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