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Cloth Cutting Machines

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Straight knife machines including:
Eastman Bluestreak II
Eastman Bluestreak II 629
Eastman Brute 627
Eastman Brute 627
unity 889 MKII cloth cutting machine 

Unity 889 MKII
Heavy duty cloth cutter
Unity 887 Heavy Duty
Unity ST5 cloth cutting machine
Unity ST5
Zest MKII Cloth Cutter
Linz Zest MKII-C
KM EU Straight Knife
Km EU 6
KM AU cloth cutting machine
Used Eastman Bluestreak II
From £295 with warranty
Used Eastman
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Round knife cutting machines including:
KM 4" Round Knife

Suprena CR100A cloth cutting machine
100mm round knife

Suprena CR100A
Unity 110mm round knife

Unity 110mm
Rasor SW12 cloth cutter
Rasor SW12 120mm / 4.72"
Unity 5" round knife cloth cutter

Unity 5" heavy duty
Eastman Cardinal
5.25" round knife

Eastman Cardinal
KM KR-A round knife

KM KR-A Round Knife

Hand held round knife machines including:
Suprena Mini Cutter
Suprena (Electric) 50mm
Suprena Air Cutter
Suprena (Air) 50mm
Left handed round knife
Left Handed cutter
Suprena HC1015A
Suprena Mini Tuff HC1015A
Suprena CR8B battery operated
Suprena CR8B (Battery)
Rasor DS504
Rasor DS504 (Electric)50mm
Rasor FP503 air cutter
Rasor FP503 (Air) 50mm
Rasor FP861 air cloth cutter
Rasor FP862 86mm (Air)
Rasor Optima 702 cloth cutting machine

Rasor Optima 702
Rasor Zero 720 battery cloth cutter

Rasor Zero702 (Battery)
Economy cloth cutting machine

Economy mini cutter 50mm
Hoog Hand Held
Cloth Drill marking machines:
Unity cloth drill CD 8H 

Unity cloth drill
Lay end cloth cutting machines including:
lay end cutter 

Unity Manual Lay end cutter
lay end cloth cutter

Auto lay end cutter
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Other Cloth Cutting & Marking Equipment

Hot & Cold Cloth drill, for marking your lays in the same place ply after ply and Hot Notcher for marking or fusing etc.

Unity lay end cutting machines: manual or auto return, basic or electronic control; available in sizes to suit your cutting table.

Plus many other types of equipment and a full range of cutting room accessories

Straight knife bladesRound knife cloth cutting bladesEmery beltsChain mail gloves
We stock Straight blades & knives  Round knife blades  emery belts, sharpening stones for most popular cloth cutting machines and chain mail gloves  
Our workshops service & repair Eastman cutting machines plus other brands including Maimin Unity Zest Linz KM and Suprena.

Offer:  Silicone spray only £4.00 per 500ml

See our Used Cloth Cutting Section

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Juki DDL8000A  £977
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