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Brother HE-800C

Electronic Button-Hole Sewing Machine

Brother's HE-800C button hole updates and replaces the previous HE-800B model.

Different button hole styles and easy operator adjustment from an electronically controlled lockstitch sewing machine fitted with a high efficiency drive system, double cutting knife device, shorted thread end auto cutter and modified parts + programs for improved sewing quality. 

Brother HE800C button hole


Brother Electronic Control Panel

The HE-800C is equipped with a Brother developed electronic control panel which allows for easy push button control of the various settings which make-up the desired button-hole and type of finish.

Brother HE800C control panel

An SD card slot is included as standard. Sewing pattern and setting can easily be copied and moved to other sewing machines.

The Shortcut key recalls frequently used settings i.e. sewing width and size etc.

The Mode key allows one-touch key operation of the threading mode and thread winding mode etc.

Brother HE-800 button hole with unit stand
Brother electronic button hole sewing machine mounted on standard style unit stand
Brother HE800C unit stand and table
Brother HE800C button hole sewing machine mounted on optional/customized transverse unit stand

Updated Model

The HE-800C-2, from Brother Industries Ltd, is the latest revised Electronic Button-Hole machine on sale in the UK at Braithwaite Sewing Machines.


Brother HE-800C Video


For more information download:

PDF Leaflet HE-800C

PDF Instruction HE-800C

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