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Highlead LU610

Heavy duty walking foot sewing machine

with direct drive, auto thread trimmer and climbing foot device.

Up-to 3000 stitches per minute.

Highlead LU610
This new LU-610 model is an evolved product introduced into the extensive HIGHLEAD range of heavy duty industrial sewing machines.

Designed with a powerful built-in servo motor for direct drive, it has quick start & stop responses, built-in energy saving, easy installation performance and a running speed of up-to 3000 stitches per minute.

The appearance has the brand characteristics of Highlead's new modern series of heavy duty walking foot machines and features an embedded colour touch screen operator control panel for easy and convenient selection + setting of stitching parameters.

The top mounted climb adjusting dial allows for greater versatility, with you able to set & match the walking foot climbing height to a particular job. Useful for operators who often have to switch between differing materials and applications. This offers a real advantage, when compared with older style fixed walking foot models, by adding the ability to quickly & easily change between differing thicknesses and different weights of materials while maintaining a positive feeding action with a balanced stitch formation.  As you increase the climbing foot height the machine will automatically adjust the maximum running speed accordingly.

The tried & tested electro-pneumatic devices are highly sensitive and reliable. In addition to retaining the traditional design of the triple feeding devices (bottom feed, needle bar feed and walking foot top feed) an electronic thread clamping device, electronic hand wheel and pneumatic double thread tension devices have been added.

As a high specification production model the built-in pneumatic automatic presser foot lifter, as well as many intelligent structures and devices such as automatic back tacking, automatic thread trimmer and short thread cutter ending, can assist in improving the working efficiency and sewing functions to meet various needs from different sections of the high end stitched-product industry.

Touch Screen operator control panel for easy adjustment & settings recall

Dial adjustable climbing foot device with matched speed control

Quick change push button switching and dual thread tension devices
Highlead Sewing Machines
LU-610 series


Max sewing speed:  3000spm
Stitch length:  1-8mm
Presser foot lift (Pneumatic):  16mm
Needle sizes:  18 to 25
Lubrication:  auto pump type
Hook:  Large vertical axis type
Direct Drive:  HD 750W AC servo
Working space up-to:  310 x 115mm


Heavy duty triple feed system.
High Speed & Larger working area.
Automatic thread trimmer.
Touch screen operator control panel (USB upgradeable).
Climbing foot device with quick dial adjustment + matched speed control.
Automatic back-tack.
Automatic presser foot lifter.
Quick under arm switch controls.
Thread snap control device.
Short end thread trim device (Optional).
Dual tension pneumatic swop over device.
Electronic Jog dial fine rotational operator controller.
High walk push button quick change device. 
Built-in LED needle light. 

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