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Highlead GK0058

High speed double-lock chainstitch sewing machine

Highlead GK0058


The Highlead GK0058 is a high speed double-lock Chainstitch flat bed sewing machine available as either a single needle or twin needle model.

It has a sewing speed of up to 5000 SPM and features an adjustable stitch length for use on a wide range of textiles and garments.

The sewing head has an automatic oil lubrication system which reduces wear & tear and allows the machine to run smoothly at high speeds.

The double-lock chainstitch is formed using a needle bar thread take up mechanism combined with 1 or 2 lower loopers.  A stitch condense lever is also fitted to help secure the stitch.

The Highlead GK0058 is used on for example: 

Men's shirts, trousers, ski pants, coats, blazers, lap-seaming, skirts, tailoring and alterations etc. or where you need a single or twin needle double-lock chainstitch formation which is firm, elastic and decorative.


Highlead automatic pump lubrication sewing machine

Single needle chain stitch sewing machine

  • Single or twin needle versions available
  • Double-lock chain stitch formation.
  • Stitch adjusting dial.
  • Stitch condenser hand lever.
  • Easy threading.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Balanced quiet sewing head
  • Max. sewing speed 5000
  • Stitch length 1.4 - 4mm
  • Needle type: TVx7
  • Presser foot lift: (by hand) 5.5mm
  • Presser foot lift: (by knee) 8-10mm
  • Lubrication:  Automatic

Chainstitch sewing machine industrial model

Highlead GK0058 twin needle chainstitch

Highlead GK0058 models:
GK0058 Twin needle 6.4mm
GK0058-A Single Needle
GK0058-1 Twin needle 9.5mm
GK0058-2 Twin needle 12.7mm
GK0058-3 Twin needle Tandem
GK0058-H Twin needle 6.4mm medium-heavy

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