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Highlead Industrial Sewing Machines

Highlead Sewing Machines


Highlead GM288-ME1

Elasticating Overlock Sewing Machine with Metered Elastic Device


Highlead GM288-ME1 is a specially adapted elasticating industrial overlock sewing machine which features a metered elastic feeding device.  

The elastic feeding device is mounted above, and in-line with, the stitching area & foot.  The amount of elastic feeding through the devices rollers, relative to the fabric feeding through the machine, can be finely & accurately adjusted to give the desired tensioned finish.  Elastic feed tension is controlled for consistent results from garment to garment. 

The overlock has a fully enclosed oil system with running speeds at up-to 6500 stitches per minute.

Smooth & quiet operation using a robust balanced overlocker with easy to use operator adjustments such as stitch size, differential feeder movement and independent metered elastic control.

Different models available for 3 thread, 4 thread or 5 thread stitch configuration with sub-class variants for Light, Light-Medium & Medium-Heavy fabrics.


Photo of GM288-ME1-4  4 thread model with Metered elastic device



  • Metered elastic control
  • Full automatic enclosed oil system
  • Silicone needle cooling device
  • Differential machine feed adjusting lever
  • Independent elastic feed adjusting dial
  • Dial adjusting stitch regulator
  • Balanced & quiet overlocker sewing head
  • Max sewing speed: 6500spm
  • Stitch length: 1-3.6mm
  • Presser foot lift 6.5mm
  • Needle standard B27
  • Other specs. subject to model & sub-class


  • Various sub-class models
  • LED needle light kit
  • Linzbek energy saving servo motor (LB600C series)


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