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Copy "look alike" Products


Inferior copy products are widely advertised on the internet.  Some are easy to identify because of their low price, but others are less obvious.

As a retail & trade supplier for over 50 years; we offer goods to suit most budgets, but we have found a significant number of copy & "look alike" products, in our sector, are of poor quality when compared to the genuine article.  Some do not meet with European safety requirements even though they falsely display a CE conformity mark.

Our workshops receive many repair requests from people who have purchased copy products elsewhere, only to find once they fail, support is not available because of poor build quality, safety concerns or product liability issues.

As a general rule, in the clothing & textile industry, cheap copy products are usually cheaply made with cheap components.

If you are unsure of what product to purchase, give us a ring and we will do our best to recommend a product which matches your requirements.

If your budget can not accommodate a good quality new machine, then a good quality second hand or reconditioned machine may offer better value when compared with poor quality copy products.


Cheap does not always equal value for money.




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