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Juki LU 1508 and LU-1509N

Single needle Unison feed sewing machine with large hook & base

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    The Juki LU 1508 was introduced to replace the obsolete Juki 562/563 models and in the UK/European markets the current Juki LU-1509N model is available. 

    This model has many features which Juki has researched & tested thought-out the heavy-weight fabric industry. 

    It is a general purpose needle feed, walking foot machine for use on medium-heavy weight materials and is suited to sewing, for example, car seats, carpets, general upholstery and leather articles etc.



  • New mechanism with a rectangular feeding motion promises consistent feed of materials of all thickness without the risk of stitch gathering
  • Reduced lift of feed dog helps prevent the material from flopping and reduces operating noise and vibration
  • With adoption of a new rectangular feed mechanism, an alternating vertical movement mechanism and a unison feed mechanism helps feed heavyweight materials powerfully and smoothly
  • Well tensed seams are consistently produced without pitch errors
  • With its maximum stitch length of 9 mm, the machine can be applied to a broader range of uses
  • Stitch length can be easily selected by the stitch dial
  • Many improved features offer enhanced operability such as an easy-to-observe area around the needle, placement of bobbin winder on the front face, and a large hand-wheel
  • Knee-lifter mechanism built-in to bed reduces pressure required to operate the knee-lifter 
  • Full-open-type top design makes it possible to fully open the top of the machine arm and helps make adjustment easy without tilting the machine head
  • Alternating vertical movement mechanism prevents irregular stitches
  • High 16 mm presser foot lift enables easy material handling
  • Since machine incorporates a vertical-axis double-capacity hook, the frequency of bobbin thread replacement is reduced, further increasing efficiency
  • If thread gets caught in the hook, the safety device is automatically engaged, preventing possible hook damage
  • Pressing the reset button will immediately return the machine back to the normal state


Also available:
Juki LU-1509N: As LU-1508N but with different foot fitting for UK/Europe 
Juki LU-1508H: for use with extra heavy-weight materials.
Juki LU-1510: Similar to LU-1508 but with automatic oil lubrication.
Juki LU-1510-7: As LU-1510 with added automatic thread trimmer.
Twin needle versions also available
Juki LU-1560 : Twin needle version with automatic oil lubrication
Juki LU-1560-7 : As LU-1560 with added automatic thread trimmer
Juki LU-1565 : As LU-1560 with split needle bar.

Juki walking foot


Juki LU 1508 1509 series spec

Juki LU1508N - LU1509N PDF leaflet


Next model up Juki LU-1510N with auto lubrication

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