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Linzbek Sewing Machines

Linzbek 132SK-6F

Extra Heavy Industrial Sewing Machine

Extra large hook

Linzbek 132SK-6F


Linzbek 132SK-6F extra heavy duty industrial sewing machine with extra large capacity hook for use with heavy weight materials & thick sewing threads.

Features bottom feed and alternating presser foot for stitching on heavy and extra heavy weight applications.

Example applications include:  harnesses, sails, luggage, nets, tents, tarpaulins, awnings, carpets, slings, belts etc.

Plus general purpose work on heavy leather and other heavy materials.

High under arm clearance of 190mm.

Thick sewing needles from sizes 160 to 200

Assembled with matching unit stand and high torque heavy duty industrial clutch motor.
linzbek 132 SK-6F sewing machine
Ideal replacement for the old Singer 132K series, with a similar specification plus many interchangeable service items and parts.
  • Heavy / Extra heavy weight stitching.  
  • Extra large hook & bobbin
  • Bottom feed + Alternating Pressers.
  • Long stitch length up-to 13mm.
  • High under-arm clearance.
  • Bobbin winder included.
  • Foot operated presser foot lifter.
  • Max sewing speed:  1200spm
  • Stitch length:  1-13mm
  • Presser foot lift:  up-to 13mm
  • Hook:  Extra large type
  • Needle bar stroke:  50.8mm
  • Needle type:  328 size 160-200
  • Reverse stitch:  Yes
  • Working space:  V=190mm H=253mm
  • Bobbin Winder:  bench mounted type
  • Motor: 4P 600W heavy duty rated model.
  • 230V standard 3 pin UK plug.




Also available: Linzbek 132SK-2B (with driven walking foot & reverse feed)


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