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Cloth Cutting Machines from Braithwaite



Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

Made in Japan 995.00 +VAT
The KM EU 6 has all the features of the big industrial straight knife cloth cutting machines but is supplied in a smaller and lighter package which is easier to operate and highly manoeuvrable.

The machine has been specially designed for users who are cutting small lays of up-to 110mm in depth.

It features a shorter than normal knife stroke which operates much better on small lays and reduces the cutting warp which is associated with bigger machines.

The KM EU is manufactured & assembled in Japan. It is built to last & with correct use and care it will give you years of service.


Genuine KM machine

KM EU features:

  • Small compact design
  • Light & easy to use
  • Short knife stroke for small lays
  • Low profile base plate.
  • Narrow cutting standard.
  • Self contained oil system.
  • 4 x independent base plate rollers.
  • Push button automatic blade sharpener.
  • Smooth & quiet running.
  • Quality Japanese manufacture and assembly.
  • Low servicing & maintenance costs.
  • Inexpensive consumables.

KM Cloth Cutting Machines


Also available KM KS-AUV full sized model & KM KRA round knife model


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