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Linz Cloth Cutting Machines


Zest MKII-C (MK2C)

Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine




The Zest Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine from Linz has been successfully used throughout Britain's textile & clothing industry for over 40 years.

The current MKII-C (MK2C) model: features a proven well tested design and is precision manufactured to produce a versatile general purpose straight knife cloth cutting machine, suitable for use on many different types of fabric.

The low profile base plate and narrow cutting standard, coupled with a powerful 1/2 Hp Motor and built in quick blade sharpener, combine together so users can easily cut multiple ply cloth lays with the minimum of effort.  The Zest is highly manoeuvrable and suited to cutting the varied shapes associated with clothing and textiles.
In addition to the standard features expected from today's modern cloth cutting machines, the Zest is fitted with its own self contained oiling system, and where practical, important moving parts are manufactured from special patented oil-less metals which reduce servicing costs and increase reliability.
Manufactured to the highest standards in Japan. Zest machines are built to last and with correct use and care they can give you many years of service.


Zest cloth cutter

Zest MKII-C (MK2C) features:

  • Latest C revision machine.
  • Low profile base plate.
  • Narrow cutting standard.
  • 1/2HP motor.
  • Self contained oil system.
  • Special oil-less metals.
  • 4 x independent base plate rollers.
  • Push button automatic blade sharpener.
  • Smooth & quiet running.
  • Quality Japanese manufacture and assembly.
  • Low servicing & maintenance costs.
  • Inexpensive consumables.
  • Linz Zest machines have been manufactured, refined and improved for over 40 years.
Band sharpener cloth cutting machine
Fitted with standard widely available cutting blades
and the built in blade sharpener uses simple inexpensive abrasive bands.
6" & 8" available.
220/230/240V ~ 50/60HZ
6 or 8" available
Linz Zest Cloth Cutting Machines
Professional Industrial Range

Spare parts cutting blades and emery bands for existing zest cloth cutting machines available from our spares dept. *subject to stock availability.


Used Linz Zest straight knife models

Click on photos for more details

Linz Zest MKIIC straight Knife cloth cutting machine.

10" blade, Made in Japan

Serviced and tested with RTB warranty.

£790 +VAT
Linz Zest MKII 10" cloth cutter
Linz Zest HD straight Knife cloth cutting machine.

Heavy duty version (twice the power of the standard model).

Designed to cut tough fabrics (i.e. denim, canvas etc.) or to increased the number of plies.

8" blade, Made in Japan.

Serviced and tested with RTB warranty.

£890 +VAT
Heavy duty straight knife
Linz Zest dual speed straight Knife cloth cutting machine.

10" blade, Made in Japan

Dual speed model with HI / LO settings.

Serviced and tested with RTB warranty.

£690 +VAT
Zest dual speed cloth cutting machine

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