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Highlead HLK-1510

Programmable electronic pattern sewing machine with Direct Drive

150mm x 100mm sewing area


Highlead HLK-1510

Following on from the success of the Highlead HLK-03 programmable electronic bartack sewing machine and HLK-0504 programmable pattern sewing machine;  Highlead offer model HLK-1510 with a sewing area of 150mm x 100mm.

The large 150mm x 100mm sewing area helps the Highlead HLK-1510 to be a versatile electronic pattern sewing machine for use in many different sections of the clothing and textile industry. 

This new model features the latest Direct Drive system with a servo motor fitted as part of the sewing machine head; this improves sewing acceleration while greatly reducing power transmission losses and results in energy savings of up-to 40% when compared with conventional machines.

Sewing patterns, stitch numbers and stitch length can be set with-in the sewing area using an optional simplified hand held programming unit with LCD screen.

The adoption of the universal serial bus (USB) makes programming, updating and storage easier. Inexpensive USB memory sticks are readily available.

Sewing speeds up-to 2500 stitches per minute are available and the pneumatic work clamp has a high 25mm lift with a stepping presser foot lift movement of up-to 16mm.  Minimum stitch resolution is 0.1mm with a maximum stitch length of up-to 12.7mm.

150mm x 100mm programmable pattern sewing areaHighlead 150mm x 100mm sewing area
Air operated work clamps with 25mm liftHighlead air sewing clamps
Direct Drive Electronic Servo motor   Highlead HLK-1510 direct drive motor


  • 150mm x 100mm Sewing Area
  • Programmable
  • Direct Drive motor system
  • USB Port
  • 25mm work clamp lift
  • Icon driven program unit (optional product)
  • low power consumption
  • Latest Highlead model

Highlead HLK program unit

Icon driven program unit (optional)
  • Max sewing speed: 2500spm
  • Stitch length: 0.1 - 12.7mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 41.2mm
  • Take up stroke: 73mm
  • Work clamp lift: 25mm
  • Stepping foot lift: 16mm
  • Feed system: intermittent or continuous
  • Hook: Shuttle hook
  • Speed selection: 100~2500
  • Needle size: DPx17 #18
  • Power: 220~240V 50Hz

Also available Highlead HLK1006 with 100mm x 60mm sewing area, direct drive and USB port.

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