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seiko sewing machine

Seiko Industrial Sewing Machines - Heavy Duty Models


seiko LSW-8BL

Seiko STH-8BLD

Seiko LWSN-8BL

Seiko LSW-8BL
Walking Foot
Seiko STH-8BLD
Walking Foot
Seiko LSWN-8BL
Walking Foot

Seiko LSWN-28BL 3 twin needle walking foot

Seiko SKZ-6B
Seiko LPWN post bed
Seiko LSWN-28BL
Twin Walking Foot
Seiko SKZ-6B
Extra heavy Zigzag
Seiko LPWN
Post Bed
Seiko LSC cylinder arm sewing machine

Seiko CH-8B

Seiko TH-8B heavy duty sewing machine

Seiko LSC
Narrow cylinder arm
Seiko CH-8B
Extra heavy cylinder
Seiko TH-8B
Extra heavy flatbed
Seiko SK-2B sewing machine

Seiko LLW-8BL

Seiko JW-8BL-30
Seiko SK-2B
Walking Foot
Seiko LLW-8BL & LLWH
Long Arm
Seiko JW-8BL
Extra Long Arm
Seiko JW-28BL



Seiko JW-28BL
Extra Long Arm

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Latest Seiko special offers:
Seiko STH-8BLD-3  1056Seiko LSWN-8BL  1545
Seiko STH-8BLD-3Seiko LSWN-8BL-3
The STH-8BLD model from Seiko with walking foot,
needle feed and horizontal axis large hook for stitching
medium-heavy weight materials.
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Seiko heavy duty LSWN-8BL walking foot sewing machine
with large vertical axis hook and base
complete with unit stand and heavy duty motor
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