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Seiko LSWN heavy duty Industrial Sewing Machines


Latest offer Seiko LSWN-28BL  1799 +VAT

Seiko LSWN-28BL

Heavy Duty industrial twin needle walking foot sewing machine

Seiko LSWN-28BL 3 twin needle walking foot


Seiko LSWN-28BL heavy duty, twin needle, lockstitch sewing machine with bottom feed, needle feed, walking foot top feed and 2x large capacity vertical sewing hook for use with medium to heavy weight fabrics.

Suitable for sewing material such as canvas, leather, vinyl & general upholstery fabrics etc.

Used to stitch: furniture, covers, tarpaulins, awnings, bouncy castles, inflatable's, luggage, upholstery and many other medium & heavy weight items.


Twin needle walking foot sewing machine


Model LSWN-28BL-3 from seiko in Japan

Other Seiko LSWN models:

LSWN-8BL: Single needle version


Maximum Stitch length10mm
Needle bar stroke33.2mm
Maximum thread sizeup-to #8 
Needle (standard)Type: DPx17 (size 140)
Presser foot lift8.5mm by hand, 13mm by knee
Needle gauge6.4mm standard (other options available)
lubricationManual / semi-automatic
Vertical working spaceup-to 110mm
Horizontal working spaceup-to 258mm
Maximum speedup-to 2600spm
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