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Used Button hole sewing machine - Lockstitch






BrotherLH4 B814-2 Brother B814 lockstitch button hole sewing machine with matching unit stand and motor.

Made in Japan.

Serviced and tested

1295 +VAT

1Brother B814 button hole sewing machine
BrotherLH4 B814-2Brother B814 lockstitch Button hole sewing machine. Made in Japan.

Reconditioned, technician serviced and supplied with industrial used machine warranty.

1350 +VAT


awaiting photo

BrotherLH4 B814-4Brother B814-4 knitwear Button hole sewing machine made in Japan.

Serviced, tested and supplied with used machine warranty.

Dedicated model for use with knitted garments.

1490 +VAT

1Knitwear button hole machine
BrotherLH4 B815-21Brother high speed lockstitch Button hole sewing machine.

Serviced, fully tested & supplied with warranty.

Well looked after by previous owner and not had a lot of use.

**See photo**

1250 +VAT

3Brother B815 button hole sewing machine

Brother LH4 B815 high speed lockstitch industrial Button hole sewing machine.  Made in Japan

Shaped machine design for improved horizontal work positioning.

220-240V standard 13amp plug

1350 +VAT

1Brother B815 button hole sewing machine

Retail machines serviced, tested and supplied with warranty

Used Button hole lockstitch - Budget Machine







Budget machines serviced tested and supplied with warranty



Part exchanged & clearance machines


 Price +VAT

Durkopp 556 Robust lockstitch button hole machine. clearance sold as-isDurkopp 556 buttonhole sewing machine 450.00
Brother LH4 B814-2 Lockstitch button hole machine, well used second hand model taken in part exchange. clearance sold as-is  550.00

Read these notes on part exchanged & clearance machines

Also see our chainstitch button-hole section


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