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Cloth Cutting Machines from Braithwaite

Highlead CZM-HD 8"

Heavy Duty Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

only 690 +VAT


Heavy duty cloth cutter


CZM-HD features:

Highlead heavy duty straight knife cloth cutting machine for use with heavy and standard weight materials. 

Features a powerful 1 horsepower motor for added versatility in the clothing and textile industry.

An automatic oiling system is fitted which can help to reduce maintenance costs and a simple to use automatic blade sharpener allows you to get the most use out of each blade.

Uses industry standard cutting blades and inexpensive sharpening media which are widely available.

Heavy duty model has a black colour motor case (not blue)

  • Heavy duty cloth cutter
  • 8" Blade
  • Low profile base plate.
  • Narrow cutting standard.
  • 1HP heavy duty motor
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Self contained oil system.
  • 4 x independent base plate rollers.
  • Push button automatic blade sharpener.
  • Inexpensive industry standard consumables including blades and bands etc.
  • Optional "dead mans handle" kit available.
  • 230V 50hz Single Phase

Highlead Cloth Cutting Machines


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