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Cloth Cutting Machines from Braithwaite

OCTA 100

4" Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

OCTA round knife cloth cutting machine with 100mm / 4" circular knife blade and carbide tipped bottom blade for scissor like precision cutting.

High performance small sized circular knife cloth cutting machine for super fine cuts in a wide variety of materials.

Can use octagon shaped or round blades and is designed for effortless cutting of small lays or even single pieces.

Mounted on a thin shaped roller base plate for good manoeuvrability and includes a one touch built in stone blade sharpening device.

Comes complete in box with tools & instructions.

Large stock of spare parts & blades available from our parts department.

Fitted with 230V 50Hz single phase motor.

Octa roung knife cloth cutting machine 100 mm


  • 100mm Octagon shaped blade (round blade also available).
  • Stationary carbide counter blade for fine cutting.
  • Built-in one touch automatic blade sharpener.
  • Extra thin base plate with inset rollers.
  • Only 2.9kg in weight.
  • 25mm maximum cutting capacity subject to material.
  • UK model 230V 50Hz 120W OCTA 100

169 +VAT

In stock

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OCTA 100 Cloth Cutting Machine

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