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Highlead GG80018-760HA-P2

Zigzag Sewing Machine with Long & High Arm

Extra heavy duty model

The Highlead GG80018-760HA-P2 is a specialist extra long arm Zigzag sewing machine designed for use with heavy & extra heavy weight materials. 

The sewing machine arm gives approximately 760mm clearance to the right of the needle, which is around 3 times the length of a standard arm Zigzag machine.  The extra long arm clearance is very useful when sewing larger items, for example: sails, tents, covers etc.

The high under arm clearance is approximately 260mm which is over twice the clearance of a normal industrial Zigzag machine.

The extra long arm + high arm is factory cast for strength & stability. (Not a cut and piece extended arm)

For added versatility this Highlead model incorporates a quick change cam system which allows you to alter the machine from a standard Zigzag to a  2 step Zigzag  or  3 Step Zigzag  or even a  4 Step Zigzag (with optional cams).

A high foot lift clearance of up to 20mm allows for heavy & bulky material to be sewn. The foot lifter mechanism is pneumatically assisted and lifts automatically.

The extra large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offer high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread up to size V207 (including sizes V92,V138 etc.).

The position of the needle is controlled by an electronic needle position motor & controller.  This will automatically put the needle in an UP or DOWN position at the end of a sewing cycle: reducing the need to use the manual hand wheel; this is of particular use on long arm models.  The electronics also control the automatic foot lifting & reverse devices.

To ensure a powerful and steady feed action this model has bottom feed which is combined with a back mounted puller feed device which includes top and bottom driven rollers.

Highlead GG80018 long arm Zigzag sewing machine
Highlead GG80018 extra heavy long arm Zigzag
Cam change Highlead zigzag sewing machine


  • Extra heavy weight Zigzag sewing
  • Extra long Arm (x3)
  • High Arm (x2.2)
  • Large 204 style shuttle hook
  • Up-to 12mm large Zigzag width
  • Up-to 10mm stitch length
  • Cam Pattern change device (1, 2, or 3 step)
  • Electronic needle position motor
  • Built-in Puller feed device
  • Auto pneumatic foot lifter device
  • Auto Puller feed lifter device
  • Auto pneumatic reverse / back tack device.
  • Needle cooler.
Zigzag puller feed device
  • Max sewing speed: 700rpm
  • Working Area: 760mm x 260mm
  • Stitch length: 0-10mm
  • Zigzag width 0-12mm
  • Zigzag type: 1 step 2 step or 3 step (by optional cam)
  • Needle bar stroke: 50.8mm
  • Take up stroke: 106.8mm
  • Presser foot lift: 20mm
  • Needle size: DYx3 size 26 etc.
  • Thread size: V207, V138, V92, V69
  • Electronic motor: 230V 50Hz
  • Compressed Air required: Yes

Highlead GG80018-760HA-P2 extra heavy long and high arm Zigzag

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We only stock & support GENUINE HIGHLEAD machines with manufacturers UK warranty etc.   

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